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SmartRing Gold

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Tired of losing your grip on your phone?

A SmartRing™ combines maximum comfort with a firm and secure grip for your favorite device.

The ring folds out at any angle and rotates 360 degrees for versatile and practical use.

Feel safe with a SmartRing on your device!

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Revolutionary rubber

SmartRing™ uses a new type of fastening rubber that supports up to 4kgs weight(8.8 lbs), making SmartRing ideal for mobile phones but also suitable for tablets or other heavier units.

Micro-vacuum through microscopic holes inside the adhesive creates SmartRings superb adhesion. 
Feel safe with a SmartRing on your device.

You simply need to find a comfortable location on your device where you can attach the SmartRing, make sure the surface on your device is clean and that the protective layer on the SmartRing has been removed. Then firmly press the SmartRing onto your device and you're good to go!

To replace or remove your SmartRing, take for example a credit card and gently slide it under the adhesive rubber, lift slowly with care.

If the rubber gets dirty, it can be cleaned with ease with water, and once the SmartRing has dried it's good as new.

SmartRing inner diameter is 23mm (0.9 in) and fits the majority of different devices.

Excellent table stand

One of SmartRings many uses is to utilize it as a stand for your device, watch videos with ease at the desk, on the flight or buss.

Provides Safety

With a SmartRing on your device, you can finally stop worrying about dropping it.

With the superb grip strength and easy-of-use, SmartRing is highly versatile and can be utilized in many situations.

Weight: 24 grams (0.85 oz)

With the included accessory "the hook" you can attach your device to your wall in the bedroom, car panel or on your fridge for example.